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Azure Data Services

Andre Melancia,
Damian Widera

The clouds are now the main repository of data and processing worldwide, far exceeding on-premises infrastructure. Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and other clouds have services for data storage and processing that companies should use. This interactive workshop, mostly demo-driven, will introduce you to the most relevant Azure data services.

Attendees that want to try the examples during the workshop need to have:

• Laptop;

• Have an Azure subscription (e.g. set up a free trial at , use an Azure Pass free trial, or use a paid subscription);

• For SQL examples have either SQL Server Management Studio or Azure Data Studio installed

( );

• Example data files will be provided during the workshop.


Target audience: Database Administrators, Developers, Data Scientists, System Administrators

Pre-requisites: Knowledge of SQL and programming.


Total Duration: 4 hours.

2023 June 22
Kyiv 5PM-9PM
London 3PM-7PM
San Francisco 7

Service Name

Setting up a free trial.

Service Name


Basics of Azure (focusing on data).

Service Name


Data Storage: 

- Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, SQL Server on Azure VMs;

- Azure Database for MySQL, Azure Database for MariaDB, Azure Database for PostgreSQL;

- Storage/DataLake accounts;

- Cosmos DB and other NoSQL storage services;

- Other data storage services in Azure (such as Oracle marketplace products).

Service Name



- Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Databricks, Azure HDInsight, and others;

- Cognitive Services, Azure Bots, and other AI/ML services;

- Azure Stream Analytics (e.g. for IoT), Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps (focusing on data processing);

- Other transformation, importing/exporting and data handling services.

Service Name


Working better together:

- Integration examples between these services;

- Discussion of Azure/Hybrid/M365 architectures.

Service Name


Final Q&A.


(*) Based on their popularity, some of these services will be explained in some detail, others just a quick reference, but attendees are welcome to ask for other details.

Andre Melancia

Developer / DBA /

Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) 

focuses on Microsoft's Data Platform,

Azure, IoT and Security.

Damian Widera

Microsoft Certified Trainer,

Solution Developer or .NET and

Database Administrator from 2004,

MCSE of Data Platform

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