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Azure Data Services

Andre Melancia

The clouds are now the main repository of data and processing worldwide, far exceeding on-premises infrastructure. Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and other clouds have services for data storage and processing that companies should use. This interactive workshop, mostly demo-driven, will introduce you to the most relevant Azure data services.

Attendees that want to try the examples during the workshop need to have:

• Laptop;

• Have an Azure subscription (e.g. set up a free trial at , use an Azure Pass free trial, or use a paid subscription);

• For SQL examples have either SQL Server Management Studio or Azure Data Studio installed

( );

• Example data files will be provided during the workshop.


Target audience: Database Administrators, Developers, Data Scientists, System Administrators

Pre-requisites: Knowledge of SQL and programming.


Total Duration: 4 hours.

2023 June 20,22
Kyiv 7PM-9PM
London 5PM-7PM
San Francisco 9

Service Name

Setting up a free trial.

Service Name


Basics of Azure (focusing on data).

Service Name


Data Storage: 

- Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, SQL Server on Azure VMs;

- Azure Database for MySQL, Azure Database for MariaDB, Azure Database for PostgreSQL;

- Storage/DataLake accounts;

- Cosmos DB and other NoSQL storage services;

- Other data storage services in Azure (such as Oracle marketplace products).

Service Name



- Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Databricks, Azure HDInsight, and others;

- Cognitive Services, Azure Bots, and other AI/ML services;

- Azure Stream Analytics (e.g. for IoT), Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps (focusing on data processing);

- Other transformation, importing/exporting and data handling services.

Service Name


Working better together:

- Integration examples between these services;

- Discussion of Azure/Hybrid/M365 architectures.

Service Name


Final Q&A.


(*) Based on their popularity, some of these services will be explained in some detail, others just a quick reference, but attendees are welcome to ask for other details.

Andre Melancia

Developer / DBA / Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) focuses on Microsoft's Data Platform, Azure, IoT and Security.

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