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Today the Armed Forces of Ukraine need copters to see the enemy on our land, thus win and come back alive to their families. Together with one of the biggest Ukrainian charity foundation “Come Back Alive” we've organized a targeted fundraising for our defenders: drone DJI Mavic 3 Combo, which costs $3250 depending on the market conditions.
    Entrance is free, but if you want to donate, here is a link to the targeted fundraiser by “Come Back Alive” Foundation:


“Come Back Alive” is a Foundation providing competent assistance to the military. Since 2014, their key goal has been to make the Armed Forces more efficient, save the lives of the military and systematically counter the enemy. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion in February 2022, they have multiplied their military assistance and supported the defenders of Ukraine, who have changed their everyday lives and joined the line of defense.

The Foundation purchases equipment that helps saving the lives of the military, including thermal imaging optics, quadcopters, cars, security, and intelligence systems. Their instructors train sappers, drone operators, artillerymen, and snipers, as well as teach pre-medical aid and facilitate secret missions, which they will be sure to talk about after the victory.

Since 2014, the Foundation has raised almost UAH 3 billion for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and trained over 10,000 highly qualified military specialists.

They are developing analytics, which becomes the basis for future decisions of the state in the defense field, and are implementing projects to support veteran entrepreneurship and sports rehabilitation.
The Foundation has transparent financial statements. Every donation and purchase can be tracked in real-time: 

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